We tell you a story that talks about you

It is said that the term “Baroque” did not originate from the French baroque, understood as “extravagant or” bizarre “, but by the Portuguese barocco, word that refers to a particular type of pearl, called” Scaramazza. “

This pearl is given its value, its preciousness by the fact of having been conceived outside any industrial or breeding logic; the Scaramazza pearl belongs to nature, and from nature gets its shape, colours and reflections.

Its particularity is to have small imperfections, unobtainable in breeding pearls, which testify its genesis totally alien from any human process, that give it criteria unique in the world, like a fingerprint or a butterfly wings’ motif.

The essence of “Baroque” is actually to praise details mostly seen as imperfection, that, to the eye of those who really appreciate the natural beauty, are nothing else than sign for wonderful and rare uniqueness.

This is a fairy tale about you.  And about us.

it talks about wood, its steady uniqueness, about the capacity of each vain to tell a different story, to describe an era, the succession of moons and seasons. It talks about how the love of an artisan is able to make these traces eternal, and how the love of a house can feed them with life making them shining brighter.

It is a story that unfolds through the lunar phases, supervisors of the wood cut, the aging period, of deadlines and of urgency, the unwanted companion of every craftsman who loves his job.

We have grown caressed by the words of this tale, and today we represent them to you that love and appreciate the colour, texture, designs and the smell of wood, conscious of the warmth that only wood is able to spread in your homes. To you, who know how to take care of it and do not try to find a substitute to the simple pleasure of wood in complicated and harmful industrial procedures.

To take care about wood means to use methods far from chemicals … perhaps antique, perhaps old fashioned, but able to preserve masterpieces of the master artisans for centuries, allowing to wood to survive up to the present enhanced only by the charm of time.

Wax, oil, shellac, those are the only instruments that wood needs. Those and the love of those who take care of it, simply applying some natural beeswax once a year (for three years), so as to feed the untreated wood and together give it the ancient softness and the unmistakable smell of a house that “ smells nice”.

Nice like fairy tales of our childhood … the ones that always began with “once upon a time” and ended with “and they all lived happily ever after”.