Love is a bad habit

Some bad habits are hard to forget.

But who said that we want to forget it?

When certain attitudes, ways of doing, of being, of thinking of living transform a normal life into a unique and marvellous experience … but also into something opposite to the flat and cold market’s logic, why should we try to be different?

Change ourselves?

No, thanks! We keep going with our bad habits and we are proud of it, even if we buck the trend, even if we look dated!

We love to create unique pieces.

We love to do it well, with  our heart … and maybe forgetting that obsessive attention to “how much will it cost?”, our perspective is the global result, not only a professional satisfaction but also nourishment for our soul and self-respect.

Try to imagine an old plant..

A storage for materials … a warehouse been for years cornerstone for all artisans in our area.

Imagine an ancient oak floor, wrought-iron, the simple prevailing of black and white in wood and lime walls… Imagine, in short, a place where you can feel time going by as something pleasant, good and familiar.

And now try to imagine the same artisans who went to this old warehouse for years, making all efforts to convert it into something new, respecting an ancient atmosphere that nobody would or could even try to contaminate.

A transformation made of love and gentleness, of attention to details and light, a slow and almost imperceptible metamorphosis that, using natural and eco- and tradition-friendly materials, saw the chrysalis slowly transform into a butterfly under both, owners’ and our eyes, even if as insiders, we savoured the wonder of that respectful evolution.

Ambiances strongly personalised, and together warm and welcoming, came to life among precise details, zinc cachepot with herbs, willow baskets artfully placed on the grass in the garden and used as vegetable garden.

The entrance and the large hall, flooded by the light radiated from the immaterial whiteness of the walls and sweetened by the clever counterpoint of the grey resin, of the black closet, of a wrought iron door, reveal and conceal details of a willed disorder and of a very special warmth that makes you want to sit down and accept that coffee that householders are definitely going to offer you.

Right, because in such a surrounding you can breathe conviviality among the sweet smell of a past to be remembered and the strokes of a gentle and discrete modernity that turns beautiful into unique.

And the old warehouse, the lifelong friend, becomes home. Even more, becomes Home with capital letter.

A welcoming, warm and protective manor.

A place where every detail, from the large dining table dominated by countless lighting bubbles, to the rapid black verticals that rise to the ceiling, to the lights cleverly arranged to harmonise the ensemble transmits love.

Love for the uniqueness that has always distinguished us.

The bad habit hard to lose, the only one we stubbornly, inevitably and wonderfully love.