L’ aria del Set


La Cantina di Paul

We always believe in what we do. But it’s not new.
The engine that always pushes us where we can be happy to have arrived is called passion. But even this is not new … at least for those who know us.
But from here to think that with the complicity of our communication advisor, we would have come to breathe the air of the movie set, is something beyond our expectations. Yet we did it!
An original and innovative idea came to an extraordinary project, designed with great style to surprise, enthuse and entertain, but above all to fascinate a market for which we always want to be exceptional. And all this regardless of how basic, the idea may seem to be bigger than us, because if we learned something from the world of communication, it’s that there are not too big ideas, but only too little people to realize it …

And, in the light of the facts, we have shown how this is not our case!

For a while, you’ve noticed that, we’ve jumped a lot of dumps, and the last is represented by the entry into the broadcasting world with a creation that seems ridiculous to simply define “spots” to make it known Our new concept of “cellar”.
PERSONAL WINE SUITE we decided to call it, to emphasize how the concept itself has risen and evolved by unpacking the cellar from the bowels of the earth and raising it to the “noble floor” to make it usable at all times and transform it into the convivial heart of a style-oriented home and the joy of living.
The design and the description have been realized in the splendid furnishing made at the prestigious Florentine headquarters of Unico Everywhere, in the sumptuous frame of Palazzo Levi in Republic Square : fir-wood walls dotted with precious bottles ably cuddled by an air conditioning system as invisible as effective, illuminated by timid candles, but capable of exalting the reflections of a wine or the perlage of a prosecco, overlaid by a deep blue ceiling as the most striking of the lapis lazuli and sensual as a summer night.
An environment capable of originating deep and unique feelings.

With our consultant we have prepared a subject, we have written it and, involving ignorant characters attracted by the mirage of Prosecco rivers, we have made it in record times to Hollywood and its prehistoric mastodon times.
Well, you want to know something? We had fun as the set-up of sets, trials, cracks in a school trip and results that, perhaps thanks to the relaxed and informal environment, exceeded expectations. And they have passed them to the point we do not want to limit ourselves to publishing naked and raw video, but we’ve decided to spin the pictures like cards into a covered poker hand … slowly. Give yourself backstage, then impressions, and just the end of the video.

Do you think we’re exaggerating?
You only have one way to test it: visit “La Cantina di Paul” website (www.lacantinadipaul.com) and wait for each update as the latest Sorrentino movie.
We will not disappoint you.
It’s a promise.