Campo Carpentry and La Cantina di Paul featured on "The Art of Design".

“The Art of Design” the British magazine dedicated to design and lifestyle lovers, tells the exciting style of the “handmade” that has always distinguished us.

Home Italia Magazine the guide to italian interior design features La Cantina di Paul

Home Italia Magazine the guide to italian interior design presents “La Cantina di Paul” in its August-Novembre 2016 issue, focusing on refinement, pleasure, elegance.

Decanter, the wine magazine enjoyed everywhere, has a great piece in the July edition featuring La Cantina di Paul

The idea was to bring the wine cellar from the basement to a place where it could be enjoyed with friends.

Carlos Santos, CEO of Amorim Cork Italy, interviews Michele Campo.

Working with Mother Nature is something magical.
Carlos Santos, CEO of Amorim Cork Italy, interviews Michele Campo, partner of the “Campo Carpentry”.
The precious union with wood and cork becomes a sensorial journey among the infinite properties of Nature.

From “Acini News –  n. 14 – July 2016”.

Campo carpentry at Open Design Italia 2016

From 10th to 12th June 2016 took place in the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza the seventh edition of “Open Design Italia”, the international exposition- market that gives visibility to those small series products, created by artisan, designers and makers both Italian and foreigners.

Visible, the satisfaction of the carpentry Campo team, that attended the event with “La Cantina di Paul”, a project that brings together craftsmanship and technology in a Personal Wine Suite, where the Love for Beauty finds its finest expression.


LA CANTINA DI PAUL is a project that is very close to our hearts, an eclectic and innovative idea that aims to create spaces of value, relaxing and comfortable, suitable to preserve and refine the most prestigious labels of wines.

Imagine the possibility to enjoy wine tasting or cigars in complete relaxation in the place you desire, a yacht, in the attic or in the main living room of a Villa.



The social impact enterprise Niente Paura s.r.l. participates to the first edition of WithEmotion, an event born to give value to women entrepreneurs organized by Mara Dal Cin, founder and director of ChriMa Laboratorio Eventi. The intent of WhitEmotion is to give value to local businesses putting together skills and experiences to create new partnership ideas: Women as driving forces of themselves and promoters of a needed change in a complex historical period like the one we are living now.


May 2014

We’ve been very pleased to be contacted from RadioOnda1 as part of a column dedicated to Artisans News. RadioOnda1 in collaboration with Confartigianato is operating in order to enhance the visibility of those artisan realities from which take birth the Italian excellence.

Through the society’s meanderings, dominated from standard mass manufacturing, where the series production is the king, only those people that still have eyes to search and discover, will find goldsmiths, chisellers, carpenters and tailors that made high the name of Italian excellence. And is thanks to all these artisans that Italy will reach and regain prestige again.

La Cantina di Paul

April 2014 marks the release of the first advertisement for “La Cantina Paul” on the prestigious Baglioni Hotels magazine.

All the wisdom of the Campo masters surrounds and welcomes the magic of fine wine in an embrace made of ancient carvings and modern technology.
“La Cantina Nobile” is a subtle provocation dedicated to connoisseurs who do not want to give up the warmth of an environment or to its convenience.

What is true, it remains. And it grows towards internationalization

March 14, 2014 – VITTORIO VENETO – Antonella departs for Moscow. She and her companion will cross the borders to bring outside of our country, the Made in Italy of small and medium-sized enterprises. After years of relocations that have weakened our economy, Treviso Glocal, in union with the Confcommercio, directs selected SMEs across the border to discover our products of excellent craftsmanship.

Even SMEs in Russia thanks to Treviso Glocal

February 20, 2014 – page 15 Section: National

TREVISO Three companies Treviso land in Moscow thanks to the internationalization project of Treviso Glocal “Export to grow”, supported by the Treviso Chamber of Commerce. They are well-known companies of the furniture and of decorative wood sector: Morandin Gifts of Treviso, Joinery Field of Cappella Maggiore, Colle Umberto Furlan furniture. With these companies …

Project Network 'Building for Design' - Luxury Sector

February 12, 2014 – In the wake of the “Italian Excellence” Swiss Business Group has opened the door to a new initiative Made in Italy that this time will focus on promoting a genuine corporate network in the Design sector lussoLa research is to identify Swiss trading partners interested in getting in touch with the BUSINESS NETWORK (comprised of companies not competing with each other and operating in the design segment) for the Swiss market penetration of financial products and services themselves.

La Cantina di Paul Clips

We just finished filming for the video that will publicize the Paul Cellar in the world. The choice of location fell on Florence, where we could take advantage of both the beautiful setting of Unique Everywhere, is an authentic wine cellar in 1300 situated on the hills surrounding Greve in Chianti. It is a work of which we are particularly proud and we would like to share it with all of you giving you these two small trailers that, in our opinion, sum up the spirit of the project. Do not bother with an eye on, because the full video will be online before long

Carpenters overlooking Sochi

February 5, 2014 – Cappella Maggiore. It is a small fully crafted joinery that has six employees and more than fifty years of tradition behind it. Produces unique pieces and custom-made, meticulously inlaid, using natural products. Noted in trade fairs, from Cappella Maggiore, a small town in the nord-east of Italy, landed a coveted “apartment” of Florence and a few months also in Sochi, Russia. It is the Campo Carpentry, now run by Ornella, Antonella and Michele Campo (in the picture, the first on the left is Davide, the son of Ornella), who in 1996 took over the business from their father Eugenio and thier uncle Mario that founded it fifty years before.