Carpenters 3.0 : when the craftsman meets social media

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We are a craft-hearted company: close to modernity for productive needs but with the bottom values ideally represented by the old planes and shades made shine from the use that coexist with the most modern digital applications.

Engaging in a project means turning to a professional company where the choice of raw material is guided by our love for wood in a vision of uniqueness, just like your dream. Classic boiserie, luxury classic furniture, wooden wall panels, bookcases and much more: the Carpentry field dreams become reality.

Uniqueness we try to convey through our social channels, which make our digital identity catalyst through a click, a link, a like, and a pin.

Through a post on our blog, or an update on our Facebook page, a video of our YouTube channel, but especially with a visit to our showroom, we give voice to the wood. That voice that transmits that warmth and that feeling of intimacy that only wood worked according to tradition can donate.

We work in the workshops of our fathers and grandparents, with care, care and love, immersed in tradition and directed towards the future.