A stroll across nature and design

Do not think we woke up a morning thinking “ Let us start a blog!”.

No … this is not us!

These pages are actually the result of long reflections about what we want to communicate to the outside and how we want to do it.

As a matter of principle, education and nature we refuse to raise our voice and categorically insist in front of our partners, are they clients, suppliers or mere acquaintances … the way we communicate is based on what we have ever believed in concreteness, care and the politeness that still distinguishes those who live in this small part of the world at the foot of the Alps.

We represent what media ironically calls “the industrious Northeast”, to underline an alleged attitude of obstinacy and devotion to our work, that makes us look like little busy bees, regimented in their hive working hard to produce more honey than needed … Well, yes: we work hard and live in the Northeast of our Peninsula, but what media often do not understand is that we work hard because we love our job, a job we learned from our fathers and grandfathers before

We are not little busy bees, but persons able to work every day with a smile on our faces, proud of what we do and certain to build brick by brick our welfare and that of our children, with the hope of a future where they will continue our work with the same smile on their faces.

This is why we have chosen not to yield to the use of new materials, but to persevere in the use of woods of our area using modern processing techniques: because our role is to improve what has been handed down, to then be able, in turn, to hand it down to those who can improve it again, in a spiral of innovation flowing across respect for a past worthy of being remembered.


We want to tell you about the smell of our woods, about how to take care of them, repair them, preserve their beauty and make them pleasant


We want to tell you which are our projects and how we intend to bring them forward, step by step. We want to share with you the enthusiasm for our job to make you understand how far we are from a busy hive .. here in the industrious Northeast. In that place at the foot of the Alps, where people still work whistling and where we greet each other every morning walking down the street, just because every day is a beautiful one!